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The Wood Stock from the Past Pergola will add grace, style, comfort and architectural character to your home.

The latest thing in outdoor living is something that is centuries old.

A pergola gives a deck character and provides a focal point for decoration and design. Pergolas are great for vines, other climbing plants and hanging baskets. If you don’t have a green thumb, dress the pergola with lights, ribbon or streamers for special occasions. The result is an intimate and functional space that the family will use frequently.

Pergola is a classic design that will enhance any patio or garden, you can also attach your pergola to your house.  This smooths the transition between the indoors and outdoors

A nice eye catching architectural enhancement to your outdoor living area would be to add a Stonescape.  The artful application of landscaping stone could enhance the natural elements that you’ve already employed–namely, your Pergola or plants.

Wood Stock from the Past offers a wide variety of landscaping stones such as Old Barn Stone, Cobblestones, Boulders and Foundation Stones.  This would add character and permanence to your landscape.

Reclaimed wood Pergola

Reclaimed wood Pergola