About us

Beautiful wood deserves a second chance

Wood Stock From the Past is a salvage and demolition company. We dismantle century homes and barns to salvage the old wooden beams, doors, windows,flooring, hand hewn beams, barn siding, shutters and any other wood that is salvageable. We re-mill the old wood into tongue and groove flooring for new homes, remodeled homes or any other project. We also have vintage doors, shutters and building materials.

Our reclaimed wood floor species includes, but is not limited to Red and White Oak, Pine, Maple, Chestnut, Hickory, Walnut, Cherry, Poplar and Beech. These rare old woods will be manufactured into flooring, paneling, and wainscoting or made into trim to fit your needs.

Reclaimed wood for flooring, paneling, trim or waincoting includes Wormy Chestnut, Oak, Maple, Pine, Hickory, Walnut, Beech, Poplar. Also hand hewn beams.

Beautiful Wood with History and Durability

We believe reusing these pieces from rare, old growth trees brings incredible beauty and character to your living space. Imagine having a fireplace mantel from a barn that had seen the Civil War. Or the American Revolutionary War. Or having ceiling beams made of celebrated American hardwood tree species like Beech or Chestnut, now nearly extinct.

Big box home improvement centers, eat your heart out.

Sustainable, Green, Smart

Reusing these pieces also lessens pressure to harvest from living forests. These forests already work to sequester carbon and clean our air and water. If we can keep living treesĀ  alive and working while providing you with great flooring, or the perfect front door to your home, we see this as a win-win.

Wood Stock from the past offers the widest selection of reclaimed and recycled wood flooring. We reuse timbers reclaimed from old barns and industrial buildings. Wood that might be thrown away is recycled into worthwhile green products.